Cairo Knife Fight – Rezlord (Official Video)

Cairo Knife Fight (CKF) is a rock band originating from New Zealand, founded in 2007 by musical artist Nick Gaffaney, featuring a drum and guitar duo incorporating real-time layered loops

Cairo Knife Fight (CKF) began as Nick Gaffaney’s unnamed side project along with several other band members in 2004, namely Aaron Tokona (guitar and vocals), Ritchie Pickard (bass), Roslen Langton (vocals), Katie Tayor (vocals), and Nick (drums and vocals). Nick was a successful professional session and recording artist with several popular New Zealand musical groups when deciding to pursue an original project.

In 2009, the initial multi-member line-up was narrowed down to a duo composed of electric guitar and drums, with Nick playing drums with his right hand, using a keyboard bass with his left hand and utilizing a loop station to make live vocal and rhythm loops, the guitar parts also being looped and layered live.

CFK was a past participant at the annual Smokefreerockquest, where New Zealand bands and musicians can further their exposure and listed as a notable band at Kiwi Rock (bands of New Zealand)

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